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Cost-effective heating systems for the interior of your boat or yacht

Homes are centrally heated, so why not your holiday home: the boat! If you've boated in Spring and Autumn you'll know how chilly and miserable it can be. Even summer has its moments, particularly at night! Or maybe you've not bothered and laid the boat up instead and only dreamed of being out there on those still sunny winter days.


But more than all of that is the problem of damp that convinces you to fit a heater. Inside, boats are naturally damp. Damp linings, fabrics, damp clothing. It's not only uncomfortable, but creates mould and will even affect the boat's equipment.

Fitting an Eberspächer heater by J.A. Schlueter Soehne in Hamburg will make time afloat that much more enjoyable. The Most Important Advantages


Airtronic Marine Air Heaters

  • Fast, direct interior heating.
  • Fresh air or circulating air heater.
  • Pre-selectable room temperature.
  • Ideal for retrofitting.
  • Can be used as cabin ventilation without heating.

Hydronic Marine Water Heaters

  • As central heating with supply and return pipes, as well as radiators, convectors or fan radiators.
  • Precise control by radiator thermostats.
  • Heat the domestic water in addition to the passenger compartment.
  • Pre-heating the engine.

More Information: >>  Eberspächer Marine Heating Motorboats and Yachts. Supplied and installed by J.A. Schlueter Soehne Hamburg.


We install your new marine heater. Upon request, we will provide you with your individual installation offer on site. Or you order your heating from our own assembly. In addition, we take a piece of work from you: With the individually modifiable marine boat kits from J.A. Schlüter Söhne gives you a list of the required heaters and accessories sorted according to boat sizes and heater sizes. The benefit for you - no overstocked items you do not need.


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Warm climate on board comes from us - J.A. Schlüter Söhne

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